The 2015 CDC flag football starts Saturday, April 25 at 10:00. Call/text John Ribbing at 248 310 7551 if you would like to help or learn more.

See a map of the field

What if you had the undivided attention of a hundred or so mostly
fatherless young men every week.

What would you tell them? What would you teach them?

We have that opportunity – and this is what we decided to do.

We’ve put together a high-quality, no-cost flag football league where boys (and girls) can play. In exchange all we ask is that they give us a chance to talk to them and let them know some things that are important that they might not be hearing.

Things like:

  • They are loved
  • God has a plan for them
  • It’s OK to mess up

Stuff like that.

It’s a good program. Kids like it. Parents like it. Volunteers love it.

Please take a look around the site. See what we do. We hope you’ll be inspired to volunteer or help or make a donation.

You can learn a little about us, or see how to contact us.