About Us

This program is led by a guy named John Ribbing. John is about as boring of a guy that you’d ever find.

He wasn’t a particularly good football player either, often saying that he had more fumbles than first downs as a running back at Utica High School in the 1980’s. (With slightly more success playing flag football in the Marines)

But those who can do, and those who can’t (like John) coach.

John is the father of 4 – 2 boys and 2 girls. John has coached his two sons in basketball, football and roller hockey.

Along the way he has seen good coaches and bad.

His philosophy as a coach has always been that the best thing about being on a team was making friends with your teammates. And the worst thing a youth coach can do is make
it so that a young man (or lady) is treated in such a way that because of the coach, they no longer want to play the sport.

In 2006 John coached a flag football team that had both of his sons and a young man named Terry from Detroit/City Mission.

When the other boys involved at City Mission found out that Terry was playing, they asked, not so subtlely, if they could play on the team too.

In 2007 John started the first league for kids in the Brightmoor area of Detroit with City
Mission. In spring of 2008 he operated a league in Central Detroit with Central Detroit

In the fall of 2007, City Mission gave John their prestigious Champion for the Children