Self Esteem

Have you ever done something perfectly?

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it can make an impact for a lifetime.

In 1979 our director was an 8th grade student in Gretna, LA. One day in gym class the students were practicing the long jump. After, he heard Ernie Moncrief, the track coach tell another coach what he saw. Coach Moncrief said, “You should see the knee lift on John Ribbing. It’s perfect.”

As far as he can remember, and probably because he grew up without a father, it was the first time John could ever remember a man saying something positive about him.

Maybe it was due in part to the boost to his self-esteem, but John became a pretty decent long jumper in high school, even making it to the state championship one year, and competing in college.

That is why, on any given game day, you’ll see a lot of coaches searching diligently for someone doing something just right, so they can pull the player aside and say to them, “That was perfect!”